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Council on Foreign Relations: Deep Fakes and the Next Generation of Influence Operations

This panel identifies guidelines tech companies can follow to limit their negative use and offer views on how governments should react to deep fakes, if at all. With speakers Robert Chesney, James Baker Chair in Law, University of Texas at Austin, Aviv Ovadya, Chief Technologist, Center for Social Media Responsibility, University of Michigan, and Laura M. Rosenberger, Senior Fellow and Director, Alliance for Securing Democracy, German Marshall Fund of the United States

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Harvard Business Review: Is Your Company Ready to Protect Its Reputation from Deep Fakes?

After a public outcry over privacy and their inability — or unwillingness — to address misleading content, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms finally appear to be making a real effort to take on fake news. But manipulative posts from perpetrators in Russia or elsewhere may soon be the least of our problems. What looms ahead won’t just impact our elections. It will impact our ability to trust just about anything we see and hear.

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