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Washington Post: Fake-porn videos are being weaponized to harass women: ‘Everybody is a potential target’

“Deepfake” creators are making disturbingly realistic, computer-generated videos with photos taken from the Web, and ordinary women are suffering the damage.

How fake-porn opponents are fighting back: The best hope for fighting computer-generated fake-porn videos might come from a surprising source: the artificial intelligence software itself.

Technical experts and online trackers say they are developing tools that could automatically spot these “deepfakes” by using the software’s skills against it, deploying image-recognition algorithms that could help detect the ways their imagery bends belief.

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CNBC: Anti-election meddling group makes A.I.-powered Trump impersonator to warn about ‘deepfakes'

A political organization endorsed by former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is concerned so-called “deepfakes” could be a threat to democracy.

It developed an online quiz to see whether people found an AI-generated Trump impersonator more convincing than actors and comedians.

The next step for the foundation is building deepfake-detection software, rolling it out to journalists, and educating the public about the technology.

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Poynter: The future of the deepfake — and what it means for fact-checkers

The work of the fact-checker is perpetually evolving. As tactics of spreading disinformation are exposed and countered, perpetrators continuously innovate new ways of distributing falsehoods and distorted narratives. Fact-checkers must contend with finding efficient ways of verifying information in the present, while actively preparing for the information environment of the future.

In this vein, “deepfakes” — the use of recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence to create believable fakes in images, audio, and video — have raised concerns throughout the past year.

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