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Vice: The Mark Zuckerberg Deepfakes Are Forcing Facebook to Fact Check Art

On Tuesday, Motherboard reported that a group of artists and machine learning engineers posted a deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg to Instagram, making it look like he gave an ominous speech about the power the social network gets from collecting user data.

According to Facebook, the video was flagged by two of its fact checking partners, which prompted Facebook to limit its distribution on its platforms. This process suggests that Facebook has the ability to mitigate the virality of a doctored video that aims to spread misinformation, at least once it's highlighted by a news publication.

But the Zuckerberg deepfake is not part of a malicious misinformation campaign. It's art criticizing the CEO of one of the most influential companies in the world, and now that company appears to be suppressing distribution of that work. It raises a complicated question: How is Facebook supposed to fact-check art?