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Lexology: Arent Fox Secures Patent for Verifying Authenticity of Digital Video Content Using Blockchain Technology

Arent Fox has successfully procured another patent for Acronis, a leading provider of cloud backup and data management services, covering a new technology for watermarking digital content using a blockchain network.

Digital video recording has become ubiquitous in this modern age of technology. From video cameras incorporated into smartphones, to “smart” home security cameras, and even to body-worn video cameras, an avalanche of digital video data is being generated. However, one key drawback of recorded video is the ease with which it can be altered (e.g., using AI-based “deepfakes” video applications) and the difficulty with which it can be reliably authenticated. Video can be authenticated, e.g., by determining the time that the video was recorded or by confirming that the video has not been digitally modified. The dangers of unauthenticated digital video can have a serious impact on many areas of society, including privacy, security, journalism, and law enforcement. These dangers are exacerbated by the speed at which viral news stories can propagate across the Internet.