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Gizmodo: How Archivists Could Stop Deepfakes From Rewriting History

“It’s something archives have dealt with for centuries,” Yvonne Ng, a senior archivist at WITNESS, a nonprofit that focuses on collecting video evidence of human rights abuses, told Gizmodo. “The deepfake is a new spin on this process, but archives have always had to deal with forgeries or fakes or plagiarism—and even unintended damage and deterioration—and then having to determine the authenticity of objects with all of those considerations in mind.”

"Archival methods are not primarily about tools and the tech,” Ng noted. “Archival methods have always been more about having controlled and consistent policies and rules.” She said that descriptions of information and its metadata are a major part of archival work: In other words, documenting the context of the content."

"Ultimately, the greatest protection archives offer against the distortion of history may be their careful documentation of previous errors. By supporting archiving projects, we not only ensure that the past is preserved accurately, but create a guide for the future by chronicling the long relationship between media and deception.” - Author Melanie Ehrenkranz