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Deepfakes Links

Breaking News - An entertaining, 48-minute introduction by Radiolab

The comprehensive read on deepfakes: Deep Fakes: A Looming Challenge for Privacy, Democracy, and National Security by Robert Chesney, Danielle Keats Citron


iperov/DeepFaceLab: DeepFaceLab is a tool that utilizes deep learning to recognize and swap faces in pictures and videos.

dfaker/df: Larger resolution face masked, weirdly warped, deepfake

shaoanlu/faceswap-GAN: A denoising autoencoder + adversarial losses and attention mechanisms for face swapping.

deepfakes/faceswap-playground: User dedicated repo for the faceswap project

anonfile c - Whole project with training images and trained model


In the Age of A.I., Is Seeing Still Believing? - Advances in digital imagery could deepen the fake-news crisis—or help us get out of it - New Yorker

Exploring DeepFakes – Gaurav Oberoi

Why we need a better definition of ‘deepfake’ - The Verge

The Era of Fake Video Begins - The Atlantic

Here Come the Fake Videos, Too - The New York Times

An Introduction to DeepFakes - Alan Zucconi

Deep Fakes: A Looming Challenge for Privacy, Democracy, and National Security - The Heritage Foundation (includes video with Robert Chesney & Danielle Citron, Chris Bregler, Google AI)

Motherboard  - Deepfakes

Proactive Solutions to Mal-Uses of Deepfakes and Other AI-Generated Synthetic Media - WITNESS


Is it legal to swap someone’s face into porn without consent? Yes, No, Maybe - The Verge

What Can The Law Do About ‘Deepfake'? - McMillan

The law is nowhere near ready for the rise of AI-generated fake porn - WIRED

Deepfakes - Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School

 We Don’t Need New Laws for Faked Videos, We Already Have Them - Electronic Frontier Foundation

Deep Fakes: A Looming Crisis for National Security, Democracy and Privacy? - Lawfare

Disney Comes Out Against New York's Proposal to Curb Pornographic "Deepfakes" – Hollywood Reporter

What if AI made actors immortal? - The Economist

Rogue One: the CGI resurrection of Peter Cushing is thrilling – but is it right? - The Gaurdian

How we resurrected Audrey Hepburn for the Galaxy chocolate ad - The Guardian

SAG-AFTRA “Fighting Back” Against Dangers Posed By Face-Swapping Technology - Deadline Hollywood


How to identify if an online video is fake - New Statesman

The scientist who spots fake videos - Nature

How The Wall Street Journal is preparing its journalists to detect deepfakes - NiemanLab

The future of fake news: Can you tell a real video from a deepfake? - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The best way to detect DeepFakes videos: Blinking - Fast Company

There Is No Tech Solution to Deepfakes - Motherboard