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603 - 643 - 2627

Dartmouth College Film Department

16mm animation/hand-created variable-density sound track (00:01:11)
Created using "SpiritsInObjects" software

24fps 1920x1080 overscan & blowup. Sound in advance of picture by 26 frames

Note: this film is intended to be viewed in standard 4x3 aspect-ratio as seen here

SpiritsInObjects is a software tool that provides a means for sonifying and sequencing a set of images. It is meant to aid in the process of creating optical sound films by allowing a user to import a set of images, organize/sequence them onto a timeline in either repeating or unique patterns, listen to the sounds that they produce, and output results in three formats: (1) playback within the program, (2) a WAV file, and (3) an Adobe After Effects Expressions script.

Manual for the 2015 version of the software may be found here, and the osx64 application may be downloaded here.

For more information: Jodie Mack, Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies
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